Recognised and awarded for excellence by the Metal Roofing and Cladding Association of Australia, Vostek is proud to be associated with, and recognised by, the industry's peak body. For quality roofing solutions, we've got you covered.
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Vostek Mission Statement

About Us


Renowned for service and quality, Vostek Roofing (a subsidiary of Vostek Industries) has become a trusted name in commercial, industrial and residential metal roofing in Australia since 1993.


Proud of this reputation, Vostek Roofing hand pick only skilled and experienced tradespeople and contractors. By doing this, we not only deliver our work on time, and defect free, but ensure peace of mind for our clients.


Over the past two decades, Vostek has delivered a wide range of projects to a long list of satisfied clients. From the simple and straight forward projects to highly detailed and complex programs of work, Vostek Roofing’s methodical and professional approach to project management ensures budgets are met, safety and quality is maintained, and equally importantly, client expectations are met.


At Vostek Roofing, we understand that every job presents its own unique challenges. From minimising disruption to workflow and customer trading, to ensuring the safety of workers and equipment on site. Our flexibility and willingness to accommodate business needs, together with clear and effective stakeholder communication, make Vostek Roofing the right choice when it comes to managing your project and ensuring minimal disruption or distraction.


Regardless of your roofing needs, it's unlikely Vostek haven’t encountered it before. If you require any of the following commercial, industrial or residential roofing or restoration services, you can rely on Vostek Roofing, to deliver, because at Vostek Roofing, we’ve got you covered.


Our Services include:


Randell Vercoe, Managing Director of Vostek Roofing takes an active role in the industry as a Director and Treasurer of the Metal Roofing and Cladding Association of Australia (MRCAA). The MRCAA is committed to developing and enhancing technical expertise within the industry as well as to improve the quality standards of all members in the delivery of the installation that reflects the key stakeholder’s expectations.


Vostek enjoys long-standing relationships with leading industry suppliers. These relationships ensures competitive pricing, product quality, consistency and support for Vostek clients.