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For the love of beer!

For the love of beer!

Five years to plan. Three years to execute. Tooheys new lid goes on without a hitch.

When Tooheys needed to replace the roof over their Lidcombe bottling plant, they knew the project would present some challenges. Of greatest concern to Tooheys was the impact the project could have on production. After five years of planning and consultation with numerous contractors, Vostek was awared the contract for their innovative approach and willingness to work with Tooheys and production schedule.

Right from the start, the project had to be managed in stages - right down to the minute. With work only able to be carried out between 5pm Friday and 7am Monday, each 62 hour weekend period created an enormous logistical challenge for the delivery of materials, coordination of specialist trades and services, removal of debris and the installation of the new roof, ensuring the plant was left fully operational by 7am every Monday morning.

With a three year time line for completion and working only weekends, Vostek Roofing faced their own unique challenges requiring them to developed a number of innovative strategies to ensure the project went smoothly. This included service agreements for the supply of materials into and out of the bottling plant, the coordination of specialist trades and services outside of normal business hours, the availability and morale of employees required to work weekends over an extended period and most importantly, safety precautions and systems to protect the Vostek Roofing team who would be working at height on the same project for a three year period.

Old and brittle, the original roof was a typical factory roof construction of metal sheeting lined with insulation and underpinned by chicken wire. Protecting bottling plant machinery and food preparation equipment from damage and debris required constant vigilance. So too did monitoring weather conditions to ensure the protection of machinery and equipment exposed to the elements.

As each section was carefully removed, the existing bearers were retained and used to position a new false ceiling upon which the new insulation would be laid. Finally, the new metal roof was laid over the insulation creating an insulated sandwich panel providing Tooheys with the thermal value they required for the project.

After five years of planning and three years of project management, Vostek Roofing delivered the job on time and within budget. Throughout the entire process Vostek Roofing worked closely with Tooheys lead consultant Michael McGorman or Michael McGorman & Associates. So impressed with Vostek Roofings performance through the eight year process, Michael continues to recommend Vostek Roofing to clients and associated today.


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