Recognised and awarded for excellence by the Metal Roofing and Cladding Association of Australia, Vostek is proud to be associated with, and recognised by, the industry's peak body. For quality roofing solutions, we've got you covered.
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Free Roof Check

Book your FREE 10 point roof check this September - Limited Availability

To celebrate our recent rebrand, Voskek Roofing is offering a FREE 20 point roof

health check.

The life of your roof can easily be prolonged with a few simple checks. As

metal expands and contracts under changing temperatures, fasteners can

dislodge and fall out allowing the lap joints in flashing and gutters to open.

This inevitably allows moisture to penetrate the roof and accelerate


A simple check can put your mind at ease and ensure any damage or

impact beyond the roofline is mitigated.

Why not book a FREE roof health check during September?


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